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Description of Prey Anti Theft: Find My Android & Mobile Security

Prey Anti Theft isn’t only a find my phone app alternative, but the most thorough recovery tool to find your lost, misplaced or stolen android phones. Our missing device reports serve as detailed evidence for the police. Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or MAC. It doesn’t matter, you can track and manage every device from a single account, on your Web Panel.

Available in its PREMIUM version, or 100% FREE with up to 3 devices and the essentials mobile security and tracking package.



The Reports are our key feature because all the evidence they gather and deliver gives you a chance to track, find and recover your lost android devices and rebel against theft or loss. Each periodic report includes:

►GPS Coordinates: Ideal when pointing the police to track your phone or other device.

►Mac Address: With this, and the device’s IP, no one can deny it is indeed your device.

►Pictures: Identify the thief using your android phone.

►Wi-Fi Neighborhood: See all active connections near your device for better tracking.

►Device and User Information: Check an activity log, receive any modifications.



► Control Zones: Mark an area on a map, and get alerts when your mobile devices enter or leave it.

► GPS Geolocation: Pin-point accuracy reflected on a map, with gps coordinates on each report.

► Security Alarm: It will ring like gangbusters, even if your android phone’s sound is silenced.

► Security Lock: Keep curious hands away from your lost mobile device, block it remotely.

► Front and Back Camera: Take silent snaps and discover who is holding your device.

► Security Camouflage: Go silent with the camouflage mode, hide the app on your android phone.

► Security Message Alert: Display a message on the screen to contact the current user.

Premium Mobile Security Features


► Wipe: Boom, gone. Simply select what you want to delete, and safeguard your privacy.

► File Retrieval: That document you worked on for countless nights? We can retrieve it.


PRO accounts gain access to a new level of security features for MULTI DEVICE MANAGEMENT. Prey offers a mobile security and tracking protection not only in the personal, home, and small business area. Massive needs? Huge amount of company devices?

Not an issue when you have MDM Features:

► Group Labelling

► Advanced Search

► Custom APK

► Mass Actions (Soon)

Your privacy and mobile security are our concern, that’s why we work with OPEN SOURCE code. Your personal information and data is only retrieved or used when requested.

Over 6 million users chose Prey to protect their personal devices, business assets, and all of their information. Don’t take our word, take a look at some of our recovery stories:



Our company was born in Chile, with an app that originated in theft itself when the founder’s laptop was stolen. After long, hard work, and many improvements, we grew to become a global solution that focuses on two missions: to help our users worry less about theft, and give them the tools to stand a chance when losing devices, and their data.


Contact us through our Social Accounts:

✔ Twitter:

✔ Facebook:

Or join our Community Forum!

Premium Plans:

- Personal: $5

- Home: $10

- Pro: Custom!

Terms and Conditions:

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This allows the Remote Wipe and Lock feature's function.

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Reviews on Prey Anti Theft: Find My Android & Mobile Security

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Lianchi Ramirez 3 years ago

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muy buena es de mis aplicaciones favoritas

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Aptoide Bot avatar
anaziur 4 years ago

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No puedo desinstalarlo

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RS 2 years ago

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es muy bueno, pero aun tarda bastante en localizar el dispositivo es muy bueno pero aun tsrda bastante en encontrar el dispositivo

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denko_haziri 3 years ago

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cooL thanks

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aldoreberti 4 years ago

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Bom app ele tem varias funcoes: Rastrear, ativar sua camera e mais outras. Recomendo a todos

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